Microbiological residue

What removes growth media, cell cultures and tissue residues?

(Mild) alkaline cleaners with active chlorine.

What removes peptides/proteins?

Alkaline cleaning agents with active chlorine lead to a reduction of the proteins in individual fragments through the decomposing power of the active chlorine. This makes it easier to remove the soiling.

What removes carbohydrates/polysaccharides?

Highly alkaline cleaning agents cause carbohydrates to swell up and lead to their breakdown and thus to easier cleaning of this type of contamination.

What removes fats/oils?

Alkaline cleaning agents or alkaline cleaning agents which contain detergent are used depending on the type of fat. Plant oils and fats can be hydrolysed by alkaline cleaning agents. On fats which cannot be hydrolysed such as mineral oils, alkaline cleaning agents which contain detergent have an emulsifying effect and thus lead to easier removal of the soiling.