Inorganic residue

Inorganic substances include elements and compounds which do not contain any carbon. There are a few exceptional carbon compounds which are structured like typical inorganic substances such as carbonic acids, carbonates and carbon dioxide. These compounds are therefore treated as inorganic compounds. The inorganic substances can be divided into the following groups: metals/half metals, salts, non-metallic compounds and complexes.

What removes carbonates, salts, metal oxides?

Acid cleaning agents or a combined cleaning process with an acidic pre-rinsing stage and subsequent cleaning with the help of alkaline cleaning agents with complexing agents.
Carbonates are converted into a soluble form by acidic cleaning. Salts can often be converted into a soluble condition with either water or acids. Metal oxides may be very stubborn forms of contamination which are resolved with an acid pre-rinse. Remaining deposits of metal ions are bound by complexing agents in the following, alkaline cleaning stage.