Dr. Weigert

Dr. Weigert – Your specialist for cleanness and hygiene in laboratories, professional kitchens and the public health sector

Our experience for your safety
“Cleaning with neodisher®“ – nearly 50 years ago, with the beginning of the automated dishwashing, a rapid development started for the umbrella brand, which by now encompasses more than just detergents and disinfectants. The neodisher® – brand also represents comprehensive hygiene solutions and services in professional applications.
Whether in laboratories, in professional kitchens or in medical technology – neodisher® solutions have proved their value a millionfold worldwide.

Cleaning of Laboratory Glassware
Dr. Weigert has pioneered the automated cleaning of laboratory glassware and has over 30 years of experience in this field. Cleanliness and the absence of residues are basic requirements for accurate analysis results. The various tasks performed by laboratories involve a wide range of contamination types with different physical and chemical properties. The use of neodisher® process chemicals for manual and mechanical laboratory glassware preparation guarantees excellent results even for the most demanding requirements. We are your competent partner for all cleaning problems. Benefit from this know-how and the quality “made in Germany”.