Clean and residue-free laboratory appliances

… are a prerequisite for safe and successful working in the laboratory. For this purpose, thorough and efficient cleaning of the materials is necessary. What needs to be taken into account, what problems may occur and how to solve them plus assistance and practical tips: you can find all this on this website.

Who operates this page and why?

The Dr. Weigert company has bundled its many years of expert knowledge, as well as that of the members of the Working Group for Laboratory Glassware Reprocessing (AK LAB), and prepared it for publication in a practice-oriented way. The information here is valid regardless of the laboratory glass and cleaning agent used. Our experiences do, however, show that those who work together with experts and insist on quality will be able to work economically, safely and with guaranteed results in the long term.

Dr. Weigert tutorials – Laboratory glassware reprocessing

If you work in a laboratory on a daily basis, you will know that there is more to cleaning than meets the eye. Clean and, especially, residue-free laboratory glassware is essential to safe and successful work in the lab. Our process chemicals are particularly crucial to automated reprocessing, but you also need to use, prepare and post-process laboratory utensils correctly. Read more here.